A short game made in a month by todorrobot and tinkersmith on Flowlab.io. 

Halloween-themed and full of cheezy jump-scares and dumb references. Smash all the stinkbugs to "win" or just explore the house and find the surprises. 

HINT: Fear is reduced when you're in a lit room. Fear increases if the power is out. Make sure to flip the breaker back on as soon as you can. 


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Would like to say that was very enjoyable for a short game. Glad I read the description, first or I probably would of just focused on the bugs. Explored everything, and that made it a bit more enjoyable. 

I did notice something though. Every once in a while I would have my flashlight out, and hit the swat key and background notes popped up all over the screen. Like bug locks, door stop, the names of the rooms, and so on. Didn't think that was suppose to happen so figured I would let you know. In all it happened 3 or 4 times during my playthrough.

On another note not sure why the 1's and 0's when you exited the property, with what happens after you win the game. It just seemed weird. Without those, it kind of made a little sense.

Great job, all around though (sorry the comment is so long.)

Hi! Thanks for playing and for taking the time to comment. 

Thanks for letting me know about the "dev" key I accidentally left in. Ooops! (I think it's "V" or "R" or maybe "5"?) There might be some others hidden in there as well that turn the power on and off or trigger other dev access. haha. 

This game started as a two-week experiment for a horror game jam with "jump scares." I didn't do a lot of pre-planning and it was just an excuse for me to make a bunch of pop culture references: Rick Rolls, Ghostbusters fridge, the scary maze game, the matrix surprise, etc. The stinkbugs were actually an afterthought once I realized I needed  a "win" element and an excuse to make the player search around the house. 

The ending was the same way. I could go back and change the front and back gates to say "an invisible force prevents you from proceeding" instead of leading "out of the bounds of the game into the matrix" (which was the original intent). My pal TinkerSmith helped with some code and got the game "stable" but it's definitely buggy (pun intended?) 

I really appreciate the feedback. Have you tried Beard Your Own Adventure yet? That's my most "polished" game to date :)


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cool, I'm F3Art on flowlab.  

btw how did you get such smooth transitions beteen levels? 

Hi F3Art! Glad to see another familiar person on here.  The level transitions are smooth because it’s all one level (that’s why the loading time is such a drag). The character and camera jump from room to room when you collide with a door trigger. 

ah, that makes sense.

and thanks for the follow!