A short game made in a month by todorrobot and tinkersmith on Flowlab.io. 

Halloween-themed and full of cheezy jump-scares and dumb references. Smash all the stinkbugs to "win" or just explore the house and find the surprises. 

HINT: Fear is reduced when you're in a lit room. Fear increases if the power is out. Make sure to flip the breaker back on as soon as you can. 


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cool, I'm F3Art on flowlab.  

btw how did you get such smooth transitions beteen levels? 

Hi F3Art! Glad to see another familiar person on here.  The level transitions are smooth because it’s all one level (that’s why the loading time is such a drag). The character and camera jump from room to room when you collide with a door trigger. 

ah, that makes sense.

and thanks for the follow!